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Black Rock Freight House

Project Details

Location: 68-120 Tonawanda Street, Buffalo, NY

Neighborhood: Former village of Black Rock

Date(s) Built: 1906

History: Built by New York Central Railroad to store and facilitate freight
traveling along the “Belt Line” that encircled the City of Buffalo. Also included a commuter streetcar station; Once decommissioned by NYCRR in the 1960s, it was sold and later used by construction and steel companies

Adaptive Reuse: 35 market-rate apartments and a hatchet-throwing club and pub for Hatchets & Hops

Brownfield Cleanup: Remediated 2,000 tons of contaminated soil to a level that allows for safe apartment living

Date Completed: December 2019

Total Development Cost: Approximately $9 million

Historic Tax Credits: approximately $3.6 million, federal and state

Brownfield Tax Credits: approximately $1.5 million